Injuns (4 stars)


Lionel, It’s a Complicated World (Great Northwestern Records)


Skye boys Leighton Jones (keyboard and vocals) and Hector MacInnes (drums) and the four other Injuns lads know their stuff and aren’t afraid to prove it. This debut is a densely influenced, multi-genre-encapsulating smorgasbord swerving from the accessible ‘Is Sheila Invited?’ and ‘IYO’ to the more out there Bowie-esque religious musings of ‘The Man Who Never Was’ and playful exuberance of ‘King Kong’. Like an entire iPod shuffled into one album, it’s perfect for silencing friends who complain that all new music sounds the same. With the gamut of music expressed so eloquently on one album, sorry Lionel, but it looks like it doesn’t have to be such a complicated world after all.

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