Willy Mason - If the Ocean Gets Rough (3 stars)

Wee Willy Mason launches his second tasty platter, with a voice that still sounds way beyond his tender early 20s. This new set of songs makes his acclaimed debut, Where the Humans Eat, seem like a slab of raw meat, with lush production values and lusher melodies pitching him somewhere between Aimee Mann and Ron Sexsmith for the best numbers ('We Can Be Strong', 'Save Myself', 'Riptide') but occasionally laying his hat uncomfortably close to the reasons why Radiohead have picked him as a support act.

He may well be hearing from Mr Yorke's brief after the quasi-'Creep' 'I Can't Sleep' while I can hear Cash turning during 'When the River Moves On'. Although the second half loses steam, this Martha's Vineyard boy will surely soon take the plunge into real glory.

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