Evan Rachel Wood's androgynous attraction

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  • 23 July 2009
Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood's androgynous attraction

The 'Wrestler' actress Evan Rachel Wood admits she can't help but lust after sexless men who wear make-up

Evan Rachel Wood is attracted to androgynous men.

The actress, who is dating 'ER' actor Shane West, has a crush on guys who are not overtly masculine and wear make-up.

When asked about Adam Lambert - the outrageously dressed gay singer who was runner-up on this year's 'American Idol' - Evan said: "I probably couldn't help myself, that guyliner is so amazing.

"But he's got an incredible voice, talent is very sexy. I love that he's so androgynous, he just doesn't care, has fun and wears whatever he wants."

Evan - whose ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson is famous for his gender-challenging outfits - also admits she partied hard when she became an adult because her parents were very strict with her when she was growing up.

The 21-year-old brunette star explained to FOX News: "I wasn't too rebellious, I was a pretty good kid. My parents were very strict so it wasn't until I turned 18 that I went crazy.

"I tried so hard to fit a certain mould that certain people in my life wanted me to be. I thought that making other people happy was enough to make me happy, but I just wasn't comfortable so now I follow my instinct. You only live once."

Evan went on to explain why she is attracted to older men - Manson is 40, while Shane is 31 - and believes it is because she is more mature than other people her age.

She said: "That's just what works for me. I usually just have more in common with them for some reason.

"I guess because I've just always been around older people..."

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