5 reasons to go and see - Pontiak

5 reasons to go and see - Pontiak

  1. They’re a band of brothers The molten rock of Pontiak is forged by a hairy Virginia fraternity: Van (guitar/vocals), Lain (drums) and Jennings (bass) Carney. Their agrarian wig-outs are hence imbued with a profound musical intuition that edifies their primal recordings and galvanises their live performances.

  2. They’re nature lovers The riff-searing trio were reared in the mountains: expansive narratives and rural influences are ingrained in their earthy sonic terrain. What’s more, they’re ardent camping fans, and often snub hotels when they’re on the road, in favour of kipping under the stars.

  3. They’re amplifier murderers Whilst laying down their latest scorching drone-rock escapade, Maker for Thrill Jockey, Van accidentally blew up two amplifiers. In doing so, however, he discovered that the corporeal dissonance of dying amps was exactly the sound he required for the album.

  4. They’re hard workers Maker is Pontiak’s third long-player in just over a year. Do you hear that, Guns N’ Roses?

  5. Copey digs them Mesolithic rock druid Julian Cope reckons their music ‘sounds like it’s been filtered through deep space’. We imagine fans of Pink Floyd, Earth and Harvey Milk will be similarly elevated.

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