Debbie Rowe had shrine to kids

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  • 22 July 2009
Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe had shrine to kids

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe reportedly made a shrine to their two children and kept a large number of photographs of the youngsters locked in a wardrobe

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe made a "shrine" to their two children.

The late pop star's former spouse is now desperate to have a relationship with Prince Michael, 12, and 11-year-old Paris after playing no part in their life, and has kept a huge collection of photographs and mementos of the youngsters sealed in a cupboard over the years.

Debbie's close friend and former lawyer Iris Finsilver said: "Debbie has always loved those children. One day I went into her closet and it was like a shrine with all these pictures. She said, 'I can't leave them out. When people come into my home, they steal these photographs.' "Iris also claimed her 50-year-old friend is convinced Michael was the children's biological father because the couple had a sexual relationship.

She explained: "Debbie loved Michael more than any other person. I know they had sex. That's what she told me. Michael is the father."

Debbie had little involvement in children's lives prior to the 'Thriller' singer's death last month.

She gave up custody rights to the children but sought them again in 2003. In 2006, she agreed a settlement with Michael, believed to be a substantial cash amount, to waive her rights but the details were never released.

But Iris insists she wants to be involved in her kids' lives again, adding to US talk show host Larry King: "She wants to step up to the plate. She's always loved those children - always."

Michael's mother Katherine Jackson currently has temporary custody of Prince Michael, Paris and Michael's youngest son seven-year-old Prince Michael II, also known as 'Blanket'.

Meanwhile, the results of the late pop star's second autopsy - which was commissioned by his family and performed on June 27, two days after his death - are reportedly "consistent" with the original findings.

E! News wrote: "A source with knowledge of the findings from both autopsies tells us that the private pathologist's findings are 'consistent' with the county coroner's - and that in addition to finding needle marks on Jackson's body… both procedures revealed traces of a potentially lethal amount of Propofol in the singer's system."

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