Leg, The (3 stars)

The Leg

8 Songs By The Leg: A Musical Tribute to the Forest of Dean (The Leg)


Those who have been hanging about the venues of Edinburgh for a few years now might know this lot as ‘the band formerly known as Desc and Khaya’. Every vague shift in musical direction from long-time collaborators Dan Mutch, Pete Harvey and Alun Thomas seems to be accompanied by a name change, so it’s kind of hard for new inductees to see just how truly original a catalogue they’ve built-up.

If they ever had a ‘commercial phase’, however, The Leg isn’t it. Like gothic nursery rhymes built on threatening guitars, Mutch’s bark and a creeping sense of unease, their songs are possibly meant to be experienced as much as enjoyed. Mildly unhinged, but truly original.

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