Dollskabeat to play in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Dollskabeat to play in Edinburgh and Glasgow


You suspect that Lucy Ross (aka Dollskabeat) might not be one of these musical prodigies who make music look all too easy. ‘I had no idea it would be so bloody hard,’ she says. ‘I had loads of ideas floating around my head and I sang them into my mobile phone under my bed covers so no-one would hear me’.

It’s not your typical tale of classically-trained brilliance from an early age. The Leith-raised Ross’s biggest musical influence was her bass-playing dad, who introduced her to the ‘warmth and soul’ of his 70s vinyl collection. After that she ‘used to doll myself up and get into raves in the early 90s when I was about 12,’ falling in love with the sounds of the 808 and 707 without really knowing why. As an adult, she has lived variously in Edinburgh, London, Japan and also Glasgow, where her debut single ‘Zodiac Rising’ was recently released by Optimo Music.

She names her current influences as ‘anything from Joan Armatrading to Ryuichi Sakamoto to new electronic producers – Martyn and I:Cube are pretty good,’ but never listens to chart pop: ‘it’s died a horrible death and been embalmed with cheap plastic’. Instead, Ross confounds entirely legitimate comparisons of her music to Italo disco and electro by pointing out that people don’t recognise ‘the classical influence to my melodies or the hip hop influence to some of the beat patterns’. But there’s time enough yet, because her own star is only just emerging.

Club For Heroes at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 24 Jul; Huntley & Palmer’s Audio Club at Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 1 Aug.

Huntleys & Palmers Audio Club

Intelligent techno, wonky electro and many more genres besides.

Club For Heroes

Underground disco for freaks and lovers with your hosts Jetlad and Honey Sweetcheeks as CfH return with a whole host of guests: The Niallist, Default, Picassio and Jamie Spectrum.

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