Activism - The Google activist

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  • 23 July 2009
Activism Feature - The Google activist

Even if standing for government or gluing yourself to the Prime Minister isn’t quite up your street, there’s bound to be something to spark your inner activist. Here are a few starters

If you want to campaign on the big issues (Friends of the Earth) (Howard League for Prison Reform)

For insightful movies on the activism topics du jour

For a much, much, much less corporate society
Reclaim the Streets

Whatever your cause, for advice on fundraising visit

And to set up your own sponsorship website

If you want to ditch the car and need a support group to keep you pedalling

To get involved in Leith’s community arts centre

For the gardenless and the brave, there are allotments

And if you want your gardening to benefit the community

And finally, a rather different piece of online activism. This website is trying to transform the way we use copyright on the net by providing a forum where work can be shared without the threat of legal reprisals