Labels of Love - Firecracker Recordings profile

Labels of Love - Firecracker Recordings profile

Based in Leith, Edinburgh

Roster Linkwood (Nick Moore, from Bristol but based in Leith), Fudge Fingas (Gavin Sutherland, from Edinburgh), Vakula (from Ukraine), Intrusion (one half of the Detroit/Chicago-based duo Echospace), House of Traps (Lindsay Todd, from Leith), Linkwood Family (Moore and Todd).

Boss Lindsay Todd aka House of Traps, who formerly ran the Higher Ground night at Edinburgh’s Honeycomb in the late 90s and used to work in the city’s leading dance music shop Underground Solu’shn.

Sounds like ‘We’re starting to hear people say that other things sound like Firecracker,’ says Todd, ‘so we must have our own style’. Claiming he started the label partly to pay homage to his influences and partly to create something new, Todd has a lot of reference points: ‘Chicago house, Detroit techno, disco, psychedelic, jazz, world music’.

How did the label start? ‘I used to be in Joseph Malik’s band with the jazz trumpeter Colin Steele, and when Nick moved up from Bristol, he, Colin and I wrote a track for Joseph’s album. It didn’t make it on though, so we pressed it up ourselves. Then the deal with the distributors fell through at the last minute, so I had to go down to London myself and sell them to a shop called Vinyl Junkies in Soho. Once that EP was out I just carried on from there, and we now release on collectable vinyl and download.’

What does the future hold? ‘I’m moving to London over the summer, because I’d like to put myself closer to the kind of parties and contacts who can be most beneficial to the label. Edinburgh’s a great place, but for the kind of music we make it doesn’t really have the potential for growth’.

The Firecracker/Prime Numbers All-Star DJs play Club For Heroes at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 24 Jul; Linkwood plays Huntley and Palmer’s Audio Club at Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 1 Aug.

Huntleys & Palmers Audio Club

Intelligent techno, wonky electro and many more genres besides.

Club For Heroes

Underground disco for freaks and lovers with your hosts Jetlad and Honey Sweetcheeks as CfH return with a whole host of guests: The Niallist, Default, Picassio and Jamie Spectrum.