Cruiser - Happy Robots:Programmed to Love You (4 stars)

Cruiser - HAPPYROBOTS:programmedtoloveyou

Despite a touring schedule which might fairly be described as minimal, Fife’s long-serving Cruiser are still criminally under-rated. So anything that gets the gospel out there – particularly a well-realised remix version of their last album Happy Robots:smilingpeople – is a good thing.

HR:ptly is a good to gorgeous record in its own right, although many of its contributors (Laugh & Peace, Tiger Tiger, pndc) might be unfamiliar names. Perhaps the most recognisable are Kid Carpet, who provides a suitably DIY electro version of ‘Input’, and Luke Solomon, with one of three versions of ‘A Gentle Press’. Edinburgh’s The Magnificents also make a welcome return with a suitably Krautrockin’ take on ‘It’s All Good Baby’.

(KFM Records)

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