Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra - Metamorphic Rock (4 stars)

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra - Metamorphic Rock

Hard on the heels of the Orchestra’s GIOpoetics disc from the Creative Sources label in Lisbon comes this recording on the Glasgow-based Iorram Records (, run by three members of the band. The music was recorded during the Orchestra’s project with American trombonist George Lewis in Glasgow in December 2007, and captures four entirely improvised segments of music created during the preparation period after work had finished on the main piece in the project.

Lewis is an old hand at this kind of thing, and the sound palette they develop is more focused on brass and reeds than the string-led GIOpoetics. It may well be regarded as more ‘typical’ of the band’s approach, if they have such a thing. The CD is simply but attractively presented in an edition limited to 500 copies, and should be regarded as essential listening for anyone who follows their music.

(Iorram Records)

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