Divorce, Vom and Teenage Ricky - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sat 4 Jul (5 stars)

Divorce, Vom and Teenage Ricky to play Glasgow gig

Launching their Optimo Records debut EP – a satanic slab of red vinyl sleeved in a painting of ragged teeth and diseased gums – Divorce affirm their status as Glasgow’s most thrilling band. Their support acts are no slouches either. Teenage Ricky stage a good natured tussle between tricksy math-pop and deranged cacophony, while Vom ride their motorik grooves into the cosmos, leaving a trail of molten space dust in their wake.

Divorce’s sheer power is astonishing. Sinead Youth’s ferocious bark cuts through the maelstrom of noise rock, a samurai sword amidst a volley of knives and hammers. When she’s not stalking the stage, she’s crawling on her back through the teeming crowd, like Lydia Lunch’s delinquent daughter. As wild and dissonant as Divorce are, their songs are precision engineered for maximum impact. Youth’s stark sloganeering demands your attention, while the guitars scour and claw the skin. Anchoring it all are the relentless drums and juggernaut bass, a brutally heavy yet supple force that pummels the audience into ecstatic submission.

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sat 4 Jul www.myspace.com/puredivorced

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