Michael Jackson's confused son

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  • 21 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's confused son

Michael Jackson's youngest son, Prince Michael II - also known as 'Blanket' - doesn't realise his father has died and keeps asking if he has gone on holiday

Michael Jackson's youngest son thinks his father is on holiday.

Prince Michael II, also known as 'Blanket', doesn't realise his singer dad died last month and was left confused after the 'Thriller' star's memorial service in Los Angeles.

Mark Lester - who is godfather to Michael's three children, Prince Michael I, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old 'Blanket' - told Hello! magazine: "It is obvious to me that Blanket is still unsure about what exactly happened to his father. He said, 'Where's daddy gone? On holiday?' It was a rhetorical question and it broke my heart.

"Prince was taciturn, unusual for him, but we still had a hug. Paris gave me a tight hug and we just held each other for a while. We were both welling up. I told her that her dad would always lie in her heart and be remembered by at least half of the world. Paris replied, 'I'm just glad he is at peace.' "

British actor Mark, who rose to fame as a child star in movie musical 'Oliver!', also revealed his three godchildren - who are currently being looked after by Michael's mother Katherine Jackson, who has temporary custody of them - have begged to spend this Christmas with him and his family.

He said: "Paris was disappointed my daughters couldn't come to the memorial. She asked me, 'Can we come and stay with you at Christmas and I can bring the presents?'

"I was very touched and still hope it can be arranged. It's difficult to say until the custody arrangements have been finalised."

Mark, who is planning to attend the service when Michael's body is buried, also insisted Prince Michael I and Paris have no relationship with their biological mother, Michael's ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

The 50-year-old star explained: "The children don't know her and haven't seen her for years. The possibility the three children might be split up - 'Blanket', of course, is by another mother - is unthinkable and I believe it would be disastrous for them."

Meanwhile, Michael's father Joe Jackson has denied beating his son when he was growing up.

When asked about allegations he physically harmed Michael as a child, Joe told US TV talk show host Larry King: "That is a bunch of bull. That is not true. I never have. I raised him just like you would raise your kids. Why would I harm Michael? He was my son and I loved him. I still love him."

It was recently alleged Michael was left sterile and unable to have children after Joe kicked him in the testicles when he younger.

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