Simple Minds - Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, 18 July 2009 (4 stars)

Simple Minds - Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, 18 July 2009

'We're Simple Minds,' swaggered Jim Kerr towards the end of this near two-hour set, 'and we mean business'. In the event, he had a lot of bullish rhetoric to squeeze in late in the show, because the Minds' early forays of the evening had been all but drowned out by a torrential downpour. It was perhaps no coincidence that the band started with 'Waterfront'. 'Come in, come out of the rain'; thanks for that, Jim, but no can do.

The Glaswegian group are an unreconstructed bunch, harking back to the days when an arch-legged guitar solo still counted as a special effect at an arena show. The first decade worth of Kerr and guitarist Charlie Burchil's biggest songs add up to a substantial and enjoyable set, though, and they employed the lot here; 'Promised You a Miracle', 'Sanctify Yourself', the somewhat inappropriate 'Someone Somewhere (in Summertime)' and 'New Gold Dream'. There was also a sublime 'Don't You Forget About Me' which featured a girl waving a Saltire up the front of the crowd and an excitable Kerr telling everyone 'you made the rain stop!' It summed up the air-punching mix of patriotism and evangelism which the best of this band inspires.

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