Ben Stiller's dolphin crusade

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  • 20 July 2009
Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller's dolphin crusade

Ben Stiller has revealed new documentary 'The Cove' - about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan - almost made him want to become an activist

Ben Stiller wants to save dolphins - but not if it affects his summer holiday.

The 43-year-old actor made the admission during a screening of new documentary 'The Cove', which follows the work of ex-dolphin trainer Richard O'Barry as he tries to stop the slaughter of the animals in Japan.

Speaking about the film, Ben joked: "It made me want to get up out of my seat and go to Japan and be an activist. I didn't, of course, because I had a rental in Nantucket that lasted until the end of the month."

'The Cove' was made in 2007, when a group of activists secretly filmed dolphin fishing in Taiji, Wakayama, where more than 2,500 of the mammals are slaughtered annually.

In order to get the footage, the filmmakers used cameras disguised as rocks.

Ben is not the only star to show an interest in the plight of Japanese dolphins.

In 2007, 'Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere joined a group of protestors in Taiji who were trying to save the animals.

Her actions led to an arrest warrant being issued against her in the country.

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