I Fly Spitfires

Barfly, Glasgow, Sat 9 Sep & Sat 16 Sep; Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sun 17 Sep


‘We wanted to do something that was quite good for Edinburgh bands,’ says Gav Chalmers DJ and one quarter of the promotion team behind the successful Edinburgh club night I Fly Spitfires, which is about to add a west coast residency to its growing rota of club nights. For a club that hasn’t even reached its first birthday, the new Barfly weekly Saturday slot, alongside its Edinburgh and Aberdeen gigs, is a coup that Chalmers and his partners feel is an opportunity to relish. ‘We know good bands and already we’ve started to get a good name going, which is really good,’ he says, before adding ‘yes there are quite a few nights out there but I think we can hopefully bring something just a little different, not entirely different, just enough by the calibre of bands that people don’t generally get to hear unless they live in London.’

For Spitfires virgins, on the night the club will be split into two parts: upstairs DJs play more of a dance music set with a nod to electro and hip hop while downstairs the focus is more on the commercial indie scene, or as Chalmers puts it, ‘intelligent but danceable indie.’ All this is intermingled with performances from live bands from all around the country, something the Spitfires crew believe is really important: ‘We want to bring bands that you wouldn’t normally see. It’s all very well doing a night in Glasgow and getting loads of Glasgow bands who bring their mates, like last week we had a band from Norwich and they didn’t bring any mates.’ Already lined up to play are Oxford band Foals (9 Sep) and the electro two piece who are causing a bit of press fuss at present, Durham’s To My Boy (16 & 17 Sep).

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