La Roux's chart shock

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  • 19 July 2009
La Roux

La Roux's chart shock

'In For The Kill' singer La Roux was shocked when Lily Allen sent her a text message to congratulate her when her debut single entered the UK charts

La Roux thought Lily Allen was "taking the p**s" when she told her she had made the charts.

British singer Elly Jackson only discovered her debut single 'In For The Kill' had entered the UK charts at number two when her pop star friend - who she toured with in January - sent her a message.

She said: "Lily Allen told me. She texted me and I was so hungover I forgot 'In For The Kill' was coming out that day! "She's a real wind-up, and I thought she was taking the p**s. Then my manager texted and I nearly s**t myself."

The 21-year-old redheaded singer loves spending time with Lily and is envious of her energetic stage presence.

She explained: "We weren't friends before the tour, but we'd met once or twice. We speak now and then and it's very amicable. Lily's great - she's got amazing energy, bouncing around every night on stage."

Meanwhile, Elly has revealed her self-titled debut LP was inspired by her experience of heartbreak and being "hopelessly in love".

She added: "The past five years have been really traumatic. I've been crying for five years, just from being hopelessly in love and it not working out. The songs were only written for this one person and they know it. But it's fine now."

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