Moby lucky to have fans

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  • 18 July 2009

Moby lucky to have fans

Moby is thrilled people are still interested in him, despite three decades in the music business

Moby is amazed he has fans.

The 'Go' hitmaker is always astonished that people turn up to his concerts and can't believe he still gets booked to perform.

He said: "There have been periods of great success and periods of abject failure. I've made lots of different types of music and done lots of strange ancillary things. I marvel that I still get to play shows.

"Some musicians have what is probably a healthy sense of entitlement. When they announce a concert. They expect it to sell out. When I announce a concert, I expect maybe a few people to wander in."

The musician also admitted he doesn't understand why people like his best-selling 'Play' album, branding it "mediocre".

He added to Britain's Independent newspaper: "I've put out records in the past that I thought were mediocre at best and they ended up being very successful. I thought 'Play' was too eclectic. It was recorded in a bedroom with mediocre equipment. The fact that it became as successful as it did is still baffling. Listening to it now, I realise I don't really like the first half of the album, only the second half which is the weird experimental part I don't think anyone has actually listened to."


The baldy techno boffin and adman's favourite returns with his new album 'last Night', for a rare acoustic set.

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