Michael Jackson death now criminal case

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  • 17 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson death now criminal case

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office has admitted there is a criminal investigation into Michael Jackson's death, despite previously denying reports it was being treated as a homicide

Michael Jackson's death is being treated as a "criminal investigation".

Despite denying reports the late singer's passing last month is being investigated as a homicide by the Los Angeles Police Department, the city's district attorney's office has now admitted there is to be a legal probe into the passing of Michael - who was allegedly addicted to prescription drugs and used several aliases to obtain them.

A spokesperson for the district attorney's office said: "There have been conversations by district attorney personnel with police and coroner's officials in connection with the ongoing investigation.

"It is common for law enforcement agencies throughout Los Angeles County to be in contact with the District Attorney's Office during criminal investigations. We provide legal assistance to law enforcement, if asked. No case has been formally presented to the office for evaluation at this time."

Michael's body has not yet been buried, despite his funeral taking place last week, and it is believed to be because the family don't want to have to exhume his casket if the criminal investigation requires it.

Final autopsy results on the singer - who died last month aged 50 - will not be released for at least another two weeks.

A spokesperson for the coroner's office said: "We do not anticipate being at a point where we are able to release autopsy results for at least another two weeks. That is not to say they will be ready for release in two weeks. Final reports are still pending."

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Michael tried to bribe a doctor into giving him prescription drugs.

Dr. Eugene Aksenoff, medical director of Tokyo's International Clinic, says the 'Thriller' star came to him in March 2007 for stimulants to "get through some demanding performances".

The medic said: "I made it clear - no narcotics. I told him if he started taking them he would die from abusing drugs in three years - you take a little bit then you get used to it and need more and more. It is like suicide."

According to the doctor, Michael had taken so many prescription drugs it had damaged his immune system and caused an allergy to sunlight.

He added: "This weakened his immune system. His skin could not breathe well and he developed an allergy to sunlight."

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