Michael Jackson 'bulimic' claims

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  • 17 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 'bulimic' claims

Michael Jackson allegedly suffered from the eating disorder bulimia and would regularly consume large amounts of junk food before making himself sick

Michael Jackson reportedly gorged on family-size buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken before making himself sick.

The pop legend - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest last month - allegedly suffered from eating disorder bulimia for years. He would regularly eat large amounts of junk food before making himself ill just moments later.

Talking about Michael's memorial service, in which basketball legend Magic Johnson recalled a time when the 'Thriller' singer ordered a whole bucket of KFC to himself, a family friend told the Chicago Sun Times newspaper: "Michael was bulimic. It hit me when Magic Johnson was talking about Michael sitting on the floor with him eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. Everyone thought that was a great thing at the memorial service, and it was. Only thing, what Magic - and everyone else - didn't realise was that Michael then would have gone and thrown up all of that.

"He would down unbelievable amounts of things like KFC extra-crispy chicken - like a whole family-size bucket by himself - or a couple of large Domino's pizzas or two or three whole Marie Callender's pies - and then go throw them up."

In the last images taken of Michael before his tragic death, the star looked increasingly frail and gaunt. It has also been claimed he was suffering from anorexia.

One of Michael's friends, David Gest, has previously spoken of the 50-year-old star's love for KFC, but said he thought it was healthy removed the skin.

David said: "When we hang out we visit antique stores, play frisbee and go to KFC.

"He thinks if you peel the skin off the chicken, it makes it organic. He cracks me up."

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