Katy Perry's sexy outfits stolen

American boyband 3oh!3 have confessed they stole Katy Perry's ''sexy leotard'' when they toured with her

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's sexy outfits stolen

Katy Perry's sexy stage outfits were stolen by her support act.

The singer was left fuming when American boyband 3oh!3 - made up of friends Sean Foreman and Nathanial Motte - raided her dressing room when they toured together.

Sean told BANG Showbiz: "We shared a dressing room and would often sniff around there a bit. On the last day we raided it and stole this little sexy leotard thing she wears for her last number. We danced around in them on stage while she was doing her thing. I don't think she was too happy about it but it was definitely fun for us."

The band also revealed they are planning to work with super producer Mark Ronson.

Nathanial explained: "We have met up with him a couple of times and had some great talks, so hopefully when we get off our busy tour schedule we will be able to work together. He has a magic touch when it comes to making music."

The group - who are performing at the Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK next month - are currently in London promoting new single 'Don't Trust Me'.

Katy Perry

Sassy but cynically marketed style-over-content pop from the 'I Kissed a Girl' songstress on her Prismatic world tour.


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