T in the Park – Saturday

Lady Gaga

Juliet Tweedie selects her pick of the acts taking to the stage at Balado.

Lady Gaga (●●●●) came on stage with a showy video clip/mirrored box combo. She was good and the crowd really liked her, but her whole performance was almost exactly the same as it had been at Glastonbury. She also seemed determined to prove that she could sing by wheeling out a piano (made out of plastic bubbles, of course) and performing a stripped down version of 'Poker Face', before launching into the dance version. It was nice to see that there is substance behind all the style although it would have been nice to see a bit of spontaneity in her set.

Katy Perry (●●●-and-a-half) bounced onto a set with a picket fence, giant flamingos and giant strawberries. She delivered a high-energy pop set and easily warmed the crowd to her by slagging off gingers (the baddie) before picking out a girl in the front row and making her kiss a giant cherry chapstick. Very good fun and very funny to see big tough neds sing along to 'I kissed a girl'.

Nine Inch Nails (●●●●●) were undoubtedly the band of the day. They came onto a really small crowd (why would you pick the Killers over NiN?) but didn't let it bother them at all and were just fantastic. I'd been worried that they would only focus on their recent albums, but they played all the songs I'd been hoping for and more. Trent was fantastic – it was gutting when they finished but was a fantastic end to the festival.

T in the Park

From relatively humble beginnings, T in the Park has become the acknowledged behemoth of the Scottish festival scene and one of the UK's largest events. In 2015 the festival moved from its longstanding Balado location to the new grounds of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. Bands appearing in 2016 include The Stone Roses…

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