The Airborne Toxic Event (4 stars)

The Airborne Toxic Event

T in the Park - Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures Stage

For a relatively little know band from Los Angles with immense competition from Blur on the Main Stage, it is perhaps surprising that this small tent is as busy as it is. Fans have been waiting eagerly at the front railings of the stage for the band to emerge and are a little premature with their applause when guitarist Steven Chen arrives to put his guitar through some sound checks, coyly waving to the screaming girls in front of him.

Straight from the offset fans are chanting for the band's epic song ‘Sometime Around Midnight’ – however, they do have much more to offer than just this one particular song and the crowd are more than willing to jump around to other tracks while waiting. The band look confident as they showcase material from their self-titled debut album with tracks ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Does This Mean You’re Moving On?’ providing perfect examples of the band's upbeat approach to dance-along Indie, all the while maintaining a sense of originality that's largely due to the presence of the only female member of the five-piece. Playing keyboard and violin is Anna Bulbrook, a breath of fresh air on stage as she mingles with the rest of the band, feeding from their energy and keeping things lively. The violin solos on ‘Innocence’ are nothing short of beautiful and the crowd vent their appreciation before she is even done, to which she seems genuinely thankful.

‘Sometime Around Midnight’ is the band's finest moment at T in the Park but is in no way the only reason this band are the headlining act for the Futures stage, the emotion felt from them as they perform, the presence of Bulbrook and the sincere depth to their songs demonstrating that they have the talents to headline bigger stages in the future.

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