Terri Seymour's daily Cowell conversations

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  • 12 July 2009
Terri Seymour

Terri Seymour's daily Cowell conversations

Terri Seymour has revealed she is still very close to ex-boyfriend Simon Cowell and his family

Terri Seymour still speaks to Simon Cowell every day.

The TV presenter - who split from the music mogul last year after a six-year romance - has remained very good friends with Simon and enjoys a close relationship with all his family.

She said: "I'm in contact with Simon every day. We've just remained great friends. We were together for six years, and if you've been with someone for that long you were obviously with them for a reason - so is it worth losing them from your life?

"We were lucky, we didn't have a horrible break-up. I think it's different if there's animosity, though. I still see his family all the time. Simon's mum is such a lovely, special lady. Even if Simon and I hadn't stayed friends I'd always be in touch with her."

Terri would like to have a new romance, but admits she is only interested in men with certain characteristics.

She said: "An amazing sense of humour is really important to me. I have to have somebody that'll make me laugh, who is kind and has a nice down-to-earth character. They have to be stable too, and not have any airs and graces. Somebody who is nice to their mum too. I always think a good guy is nice to his mum."

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