Sacha Baron Cohen's family's fears

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  • 11 July 2009
Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen's family's fears

Sacha Baron Cohen's family is worried his ''dangerous movies'' will kill him, and often beg him to tone down his outrageous pranks

Sacha Baron Cohen's brother is terrified the actor is going to die when filming one of his stunts.

Erran Baron Cohen - who has produced the music for his younger sibling's films - admits the funnyman can sometimes get carried away when shooting as his alter egos Ali G, Borat and Bruno and wishes he would tone things down.

He said: "I do worry that it may all end horribly and I think it would be good if he did some less dangerous movies in the future. There are some scenes in 'Bruno' where the danger factor is completely nuts. I know I wouldn't do those kind of things. I'm really happy to be just doing the music."

Erran also revealed he and Sacha have been working together since they were children and claims their collaborations launched Sacha's career.

He told Britain's Guardian newspaper: "Even growing up together we used to do little comedy songs, improvised for singing on Friday nights to unsuspecting guests at my parents' home. And when we were older, we did Hassidic raps, one called Schwitz which is like 'sweat'.

"You've got the Hassidic black clothes, the suit, the hat, the typical Hassidic uniform, but it's very hot and they wear it even in Los Angeles on a really hot day - and be 'schwitzing'. So that was something we did off the top of our heads.

"And then later we ended up performing it in some comedy clubs around London, all dressed up as Hassidics. Then some BBC late-night comedy show actually recorded it, but then banned it immediately because we'd insulted three religions within three minutes. And after that Sacha's comedy career really started."

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