Michael Jackson's coffin smuggled out

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  • 10 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's coffin smuggled out

Michael Jackson's body was taken from his memorial service on Tuesday (07.07.09) via a special tunnel to ensure fans couldn't mob the casket

Michael Jackson's body was removed from Los Angeles' Staples Center via a secret tunnel.

Security guards reportedly took the 50-year-old pop icon's casket through the hidden walkway to ensure it wasn't mobbed by his fans following the memorial service on Tuesday (07.07.09).

E! News reports: "After the service, security moved the golden casket through an underground tunnel that connects the Staples Center to the Nokia Theatre. The tunnel - typically used by maintenance and food service workers and occasionally talent - runs beneath Chick Hearn Court, where hundreds of people were encamped following the ceremony."

Michael's sisters La Toya, Rebbie and Janet also used the tunnel to get from the Staples Center to the Nokia Theatre, where they spoke to fans who had gathered to pay their last respects to Michael.

The body of the 'King of Pop' - who died after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest last month - was then loaded into a waiting van and taken to an undisclosed location.

It has been revealed that the evening before the memorial service, Michael's family viewed his body at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills, although his parents Joe and Katherine Jackson were not in attendance.

Michael's cousin David Fossett said: "He looked like himself. He looked like he just was laying there sleeping. He looked peaceful.

"Relatives talked to each other and cried. It was a somber mood. Even though he's this big entertainer, he's still our family."

Meanwhile, it has been reported the Los Angeles County Coroner's office has subpoenaed Michael Jackson's medical records.

A source told the Los Angeles Times newspaper that "any and all" records including "radiology and psychiatric records" will be looked at.

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