Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass

With Tim Burton and Johnny Depp set to re-imagine Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the silver screen, Lewis Carroll’s fantastical tales are firmly back in the public eye. So rich is Carroll’s storytelling that, since its publication in the 19th century, thousands of interpretations have graced screen and stage. Now Quantum Theatre’s adaptation of Alice Through the Looking Glass, Carroll’s sequel to Wonderland, is touring outdoor venues across the UK.

For actor Paul Chambers – who plays Tweedledee, the Red Queen, Humpty Dumpty and the White King – Carroll’s story is a timeless one. ‘It touches the imagination and is so unlike any other children’s book, with its word play and language,’ says Chambers. ‘People love it because the story – a rite of passage – essentially captures them in it.’

Chambers says it was important that the cast of four’s outdoor production stayed as faithful to the book as possible, and much of the costume design has been inspired directly by the book’s illustrations. ‘The crazy characters are such a big pull for people, and we were keen to really grab the absurdity and silliness of it all. Children love the colour and nonsense of it but then you have an audience of adults who love the word play and appreciate the depth of it.’

Chambers is hopeful that staging it outside also adds a dimension of mischief to the piece. ‘It’s just this fantastical, unique story that will endure and endure; every night the audience bring their own memories to the theatre, which just makes it a fun night for everyone.’

The Lodge Grounds, North Berwick, Thu 16 Jul

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