Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (3 stars)

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Another new name (all four of them!) to drop into conversation at a summer shindig, the enigmatic Miles stirs the cockles on this rich and raw debut set. From Portland, Oregon, to living rough in Coney Island, New York (and back again), Miles and his chums (mainly from Grizzly Bear and TV on the Radio) deliver the goods on a handful of cues – but not all of them shine.

The surreal and the funereal go hand-in-glove on opener, ‘Buriedfed’ (a campfire sing-a-long!), while his Zuma-period Neil Young influences surface on the grunge-fuelled ‘The Ongoing Debate Concerning Present Vs Future’. The outstanding song to rise from this retrofied and intense debut comes by way of ‘Woodfriend’, a biographical early Beck-like dirge.


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