Magnolia Electric Co: Josephine (4 stars)

Magnolia Electric Co: Josephine

If it’s conciliatory cowboy rock you seek, then look no further than Josephine. It’s the latest plaintive exposition from alt-country connoisseur Jason Molina: a dude whose musical soubriquets include Magnolia Electric Co and Songs: Ohia.

While Josephine doesn’t supersede Molina’s 2003 masterwork, Magnolia Electric Co, it is a laid-back, down-time treat. Opening aria ‘O! Grace’ sidles in like Bruce Hornsby after a brawl, while the title-track’s swooning, love-sick swagger; the ghostly rock-out of ‘Knoxville Girl’; and the balmy rodeo ballad of ‘Shiloh’ administer particular highlights in a record whose melancholy begets joy.

(Strictly Canadian)

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