Florence and the Machine: Lungs (4 stars)

Florence and the Machine: Lungs

Worth bagging for the staggering drive-pop grandeur of ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)’ alone, this surprisingly compelling debut from skewed London chorister Florence Welch largely justifies, and even outshines, the hype.

Abounding with curious musical narratives and colossal, power-pipe arias, Lungs’ soulful electro-rock and darkly mythical lyrics bring forth the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Kate Bush, Eurythmics – even the dance anthems of, say, Moby. Its highlights include the bluesy ‘Howl’, ‘Girl With One Eye’, ‘Between Two Lungs’ and ‘Kiss with a Fist’.

The vacillating ballad ‘I’m Not Calling You a Liar’, meanwhile, recalls no less a legend than Elkie Brooks. Which is very much a compliment.


Florence + the Machine

Lusty vocalist with a fine line in stage gear and one of the most distinctive voices in pop. The band's thrid album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, was released on 2 June 2015.

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1. Leon15 Jul 2009, 10:29am4 stars Florence and the Machine: Lungs Report

Elkie Brooks has to be the U.K.s best female singer. Shades of Elkie here.

2. Leon16 Jul 2009, 10:50am Report

After listening to Florence futher. I think the only thing she has in common with Elkie Brooks is her hair. Elkie is by far , a much better singer.

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