The Lea Shores: The Lea Shores (3 stars)

The Lea Shores

Inspired by Richie Havens and named after a David Crosby song, you might expect Peckham quintet The Lea Shores to bear echoes of Fleet Foxes or Kings of Leon, perhaps. Slightly disappointingly, it’s the ghost of ladrock’s stoner wing that floats over this collection. They are reminiscent of Carnival of Light-era Ride (they actually have a song called ‘Ride’) or Kasabian’s working man’s psychedelia mode, all slouching guitar jangles and sneery vocals from twin brothers Simon and Nick Webb.

Much of this will sound just fine on a festival stage, like ‘Ride’ itself and ‘Velvet Lies’, and the blissed-out ‘Adoration’, a seeming tribute to The Doors’ ‘The End’.


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