Jocasta Sleeps (4 stars)

Jocasta Sleeps

It could be said the Scottish alternative music scene is threatening to become over-saturated with Biffy Clyro clones, accent and guitar attack in tow, so where are the bands capable of transcending this rut?

Well, we may well have just found one. Glasgow’s Jocasta Sleeps ascend onto the Nice’n’Sleazy stage amidst the buzz of a single launch night and the trio waste little time catapulting into their set. To some, the likes of ‘Baggy Needles’ and ‘I Am Alive’ may sound unfamiliar, but to this attentive crowd they are skin-curdlingly passionate anthems.

And this band are atmospheric, too, as well as raucous, with the homesick qualities of ‘Old Ideas’ taking the emotions up a notch. But what about the single? The snaking ‘Crayfish Cocktail’ is named after the Greggs sandwich being consumed at the time, and with a driving sing-a-long chorus and dynamite musicianship, it’s a blast.

But who wants a measly two-song single? This band deserves a full album and it’s about time they deliver one to the masses. After this showing, this crowd awaits with baited breath.

Nice’N’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 28 Jun

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