Cycling Up the Hill with My Dad (3 stars)

Cycling Up the Hill with My Dad

Collins Gallery, Glasgow, until Sat 15 Aug


This father and daughter exhibition features ceramics by David Heminsley and textiles by Claire Heminsley. The pair undertook a cycling trip together in order to start planning their joint exhibition. Intended as a contemporary show with new work, the focus changed when David passed away in 2007. Older ceramic pieces have been included and the result is a show underpinned by very personal motives and memories as Claire’s collection of works showcases a homage to her dad.

Their love of drawing evident throughout. David kept many notebooks and these are exhibited alongside new works by Claire, who incorporated her father’s old essays into ceramics cast from his originals. She has also recreated his 70s-style large scale pendulum ceramics.

Fusing traditional skills and modern resources, Claire has used David’s tools – many of them self made – as prototypes from which to make a number of drawings, mock-ups, and textile-based objects presented as two-dimensional works. David, founder member of the Scottish Potters Association, was always searching for versions of objects in the style of Plato’s original form: aesthetic appeal was as important as function and he endeavoured to create the perfect teapot, the perfect pot of jam. Claire consolidates this pursuit into a tea towel, a domestic symbol on which she has printed her father’s drawings.

A considerable amount of thought, dedication and skill is evident, but its personal nature could potentially alienate.

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