The Dykeenies (2 stars)

QMU, Glasgow, Fri 13 Apr


Despite sporting a moniker which sounds like a cbeebies show involving two conversing plant pots, Cumbernauld quintet The Dykeenies have made quick business of vaulting themselves into contention. The now standard MySpace malarkey ensured their first gig at Glasgow’s ABC2 sold out and their Killers-esqe synth pop went on to impress enough industry bods to earn a slot on the king-making NME Rock and Roll Riot Tour. The giddy rise predicted by some has slowed in recent months, but tonight, playing to an adoring crowd of Glaswegians, they go about proceedings with the confidence of a stadium band.

Songs like ‘Pick You Up’ and the single ‘New Ideas’ are sharp, but much of the rest lacks the new ideas to distinguish them from the rest of the baying indie pack. The towering choruses sound meeker live and sadly, for all their exuberance, as the set goes on The Dykeenies begin to appear increasingly half-baked. As it stands, while their flocks of devoted fans would be quick to differ, the fanfare that greeted their arrival seems difficult to justify.

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