Drop the Lime

Drop the Lime

‘What’s in a name, huh?’ muses Luca Venezia, the New York-born, Italian-descended producer of some truly riotous breakbeat meets acid house meets new rave recordings as Drop the Lime. ‘It’s based on an old Sicilian ritual, where you take a lime and throw it in the sea, and it’s supposed to bring you good fortune.’ It’s certainly bringing Venezia good fortune. As he talks, we can hear the security announcement on his flight out of Athens, Georgia in the background, just the latest date on a perpetual in-demand summer of parties around the US, the UK and Europe.

With a fast, busy, bass-heavy sound that is best filed alongside fellow New Yorker AC Slater and Scotland’s Drums of Death, Venezia’s music is the product of clashing influences. His father is a painter, his mother a photographer, and the artists Sol LeWitt and Dan Flavin were friends of the family. Venezia is an artist too, creating sleeve art and videos for releases on his Trouble & Bass label, but music is his overriding passion.

‘My parents blame it on taking me to opera when I was in the womb,’ he says. ‘I’d be kicking away like crazy at Don Giovanni, then I took up guitar at age seven and started singing in the school choir. When I got older I loved Fugazi and Sonic Youth, but then a friend in London sent me a jungle mixtape by DJ Hype. Suddenly it clicked, and I was out at raves all the time. I love music in general, though, and that’s why I love new technology – you needn’t limit yourself to one genre; you can mix them up and create something new.’

Sneaky Pete’s First Birthday at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Tue 21 Jul.

Sneaky Pete's First Birthday

Sneaky's reach their first ever birthday and welcome Drop the Lime and Hostage.

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