Although the 100th month of a club night is a strange anniversary to be celebrating, it isn’t the only reason we’re recommending broad-minded soul, funk, classic rock and indie night Superfly this time round. This edition is also the last Superfly to be held at the West End’s seminal Woodside Social Club, as the venue moves closer to planned redevelopment.

‘It’s a shame that so many social clubs in Glasgow have fallen to the developers,’ says DJ and promoter Duncan Birrell, who founded Superfly with a willing team of helpful friends eight years ago. ‘From the Polish club to the RAFA and the Riverside, there are no venues to replace them. In their day, they served communities from cradle to grave – they’d hold functions for christenings, 18th birthdays, 21sts, weddings, retirements, funerals, not to mention clubs like ours. Every aspect of the local constituency would find some use in social clubs.’

It’s not the end for Superfly, though. The Hetherington Research Club has offered it a home from early September, and Birrell is excited about holding the party in a venue with a similar ambience to the Woodside, albeit with a reduced and more intimate capacity. Naming Glasgow nights from a previous generation like Texas Fever, Rooftops, The Far Out Club and Subterraneans as influences on his own, he doesn’t reckon the loss of social clubs will strike a mortal blow to DIY events: ‘It might be harder for new clubs to come through now, but I suspect the next generation will simply find new spaces to occupy and play in.’

Woodside Social Club, Glasgow, Sat 18 Jul

Superfly returns at the Hetherington Research Club, Glasgow, Sat 5 Sep.


Duncan Superfly and Gregor Emond 'Keep On Keepin' On' in a new venue, providing a sweltering mix of sweet soul, sexy assed funk, 60s psyche rock, hip hop, post punk and new releases.

Hetherington Research Club

13 University Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8QQ Scotland

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