Various: Wasted No. 2 (3 stars)

Wasted No. 2

More Scottish comic action this fortnight with the second issue of Wasted. Much like its predecessor Northern Lightz, it’s a cheeky selection of comedy shorts from names such as Alan Grant, John Wagner, Jamie Grant, Alan Kerr, Curt Sibling, Dave Alexander and many more. Expect stoner comedy, scatological humour and buxom babes with highlights including the vaguely blasphemous ‘Tales of the Buddha’, the bleak superheroics of ‘Black Cape’ and the over-the-top ‘War on Drugs’.

The gags are hit and miss but the hit ratio happily wins out. The art matches the writing, varying in style and quality but overall is of a very high standard, and it all looks great printed in high grade full colour. Wasted never takes itself seriously and you shouldn’t either. It’s very Scottish, very rude (definitely earning its ‘adult humour’ tag) and a whole lot of fun.

(Bad Press)

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