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Deep Sea World

What is it? Dah-duh. Dah-duh. Dah-duh dah-duh dah-duh …

That was a textual rendering of the Jaws theme, right? Right! Because this fortnight we’re focusing on Scotland’s own shark haven, Deep Sea World!

You’re chipper today We just really, really like sharks, and at Deep Sea World you can dive with them, if you book in advance. Anyway, we’re not just recommending them because they let you get up close and moderately personal with Selachimorphas. What we’re really excited about is their Underwater Tunnel. It’s one of the longest in the world, you know.

And can members of the public actually go into this tunnel? They can. It’s made of clear, reinforced acrylic (the same material NASA make spaceships out of), holds back over a million gallons of water, and runs the length of the aquarium: 112 metres. Visitors can walk through and see the fish (and sharks) swimming around from the bottom up.

This shark thing of yours? It’s scaring me It’s not all shark-life, you know. There are two seal pools where they look after any injured pups found in the River Forth, there are rock-pools full of crabs and starfish, a collection of the world’s deadliest frogs, and a whole pool full of red-bellied piranha.

Anything else we need to know? Well, it’s open almost every day of the year, and we recommend going early in the morning to really get a day’s worth of activities and demonstrations. Oh, and watch out if you’re going with small children: the exit is right through the toyshop …

Yikes. How do I get there? Follow signs for the Forth Road Bridge from Edinburgh, or catch a train to North Queensferry. Once you’re over the bridge, Deep Sea World is clearly signposted, and it’s a short walk from the station.

Battery Quarry, North Queensferry, Fife. 01383 411880,

Deep Sea World

Forthside Terrace, North Queensferry, Fife, KY11 1JR

A 20-minute drive from Edinburgh, Deep Sea World is Scotland's National Aquarium, with a marine petting area, a 112m Underwater Safari viewing tunnel, which you can rent for a sleepover, and even the opportunity to swim with sharks – or you could just…

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