Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: 65daysofstatic

65daysofstatic are a Sheffield rock band who are distinctly different to their indie-bretheren. Combining drum & bass beats, glitches and synths over an instrumental rock template has seen them win over the rock press, Zane Lowe and the late John Peel. A relentless touring act, they once claimed to be ‘disappointed’ after only playing 91 shows that year.

We caught drummer Rob Jones on a rare day off to ask him how he would describe the band.
Most of the time we’re described as post-rock or electronica. In England post-rock is almost an insult in some circles but in Europe it’s a compliment. We have pop sensibilities and you can definitely dance to us. Most dance music is faceless, there’s no visual aesthetic but we have the intimacy that you get from live music.

You recorded new album The Destruction of Small Ideas in Rosyth. How was that?
It was great. It was just the four of us in a bleak council estate in the winter. We wanted to isolate ourselves and concentrate on the album. We had four weeks to record - in the past we’ve had four days - and we were able to explore different sounds. We went to a local school to use a beautiful piano and a little girl timidly came in and asked if her dance group could practice in the room. An engineer said, ‘No! We’re recording a rock album.’ We felt very sorry for her.

For an instrumental band your tour diary on the website is
extremely literary.

Yeah, it’s an opportunity for us to have a rapport with fans. Being an instrumental band it’s nice to have a voice, you know?

Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 27 Apr; Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sun 29 Apr. The Destruction Of Small Ideas is released Mon 30 Apr on Monotreme Records. (www.65daysofstatic.com)

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