Priscilla, Queen Of Glasgow


Priscilla, Queen Of Glasgow

What’s this all about? In the very best Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert tradition, Glasgow’s bonniest lassies (well ten of them and don’t check their birth certificates) will go breast-to-fake-breast to duke it out for the title of ‘Priscilla, Queen of Glasgow’ in a drag queen beauty pageant.

Judge not lest ye be judged The judges are the extremely qualified Lady Munter and Miss Mikael Star (pictured) from Valley of the Dolls and Club Noir’s Tina Warren, who will be making all the tough decisions and trying to out-nasty Simon Cowell.

The final countdown After being put through their paces - costume, an act and a severe questioning - and whittled down by the judges it falls to the audience to pick a final winner.

I won, I won! As well as the fabulous title, the last woman standing will win a bag of goodies and £100, and all money raised will go to The Big Issue Foundation, so everyone’s a winner.

What else? You want more? Well, there’s Glasgow comedian Scott Agnew as compère to keep the night running smoothly and the backstabbing bitchiness to a minimum, plus a DJ line-up yet to be confirmed.

Arta, Glasgow, Wed 2 May,

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