Mandy Moore enjoys therapy freedom

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  • 5 July 2009
Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore enjoys therapy freedom

Singer Mandy Moore is glad she began counselling sessions last year, saying it is nice not to be ''judged'' when you have a problem

Mandy Moore finds therapy "freeing".

The singer started counselling sessions last year and says it has enabled her to talk through her problems without boring her friends.

She said: "You go in thinking, 'Wow, I have nothing to talk about. Where is this hour going to go? And before you know it, time's up. I don't have to burden my friends with the same things over and over again, and it's fascinating to get an unbiased point of view, to not feel like anybody would judge you. It's very freeing."

Mandy also revealed she has a inking of a baby sperm after an impromptu visit to a tattoo parlour with her band.

The 25-year-old beauty - who secretly wed musician Ryan Adams in March - told Women's Health magazine: "It's a baby sperm. We were goofing off, writing a song about babies or something. Somehow that evolved into everybody getting inked."

Despite being a married woman, Mandy admits people still struggle to accept she has grown up because she found fame when she was just 14.

She explained: "I understand people have preconceived notions of who I am or what I do. But I do find it bizarre that people find it bizarre that I've grown up."

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