Alex James' confused kids

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  • 4 July 2009
Alex James

Alex James' confused kids

Blur bassist Alex James admits his four children don't know what he does for a living

Alex James' children think he is a conductor.

The musician - who took part in UK TV show 'Maestro' last year, where celebrities had to learn how to conduct an orchestra - admits his four kids have no idea about his success as a bass player.

Alex - who recently reunited with his band Blur for a series of shows - said: "Yes, they think I'm a conductor, or they did until recently. They wanted to be conductors until recently, now I think they want to sing. Bad choice."

Alex - who has a five-year-old son Geronimo, three-year-old twin boys Artemis and Galileo and 10-month-old daughter Sable, with wife Claire - doesn't mind that his children dream of being singers like his bandmate Damon Albarn instead of following in his own musical footsteps.

The 40-year-old musician told Absolute Radio host Geoff Lloyd: "Yes, the singer is always getting the attention."

Despite his large household, Alex feels as though he has another family unit with his bandmates.

He added: "Blur is a family really, you know, we might not have spoken to each other every week, even every month for the last however long it is, but we all know exactly what the other ones are up to.

"I think we needed to get back together for us, to kind of just get in a room together and play some songs and just hug each other, and we've been doing that and its been great."

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