Debbie Rowe to fight for kids

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  • 3 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Debbie Rowe to fight for Michael Jackson's kids

Debbie Rowe has pledged to ''step up'' and battle for custody of her ex-husband Michael Jackson's three children, who are currently in the care of his mother Katherine Jackson

Debbie Rowe is reportedly planning to fight for custody of Michael Jackson's children.

The late 'Thriller' star's ex-wife - who is believed to have given the singer his two eldest children, Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, as "a gift" - has voiced her intentions to take on the care of the youngsters, who have been staying with Michael's mother Katherine Jackson since his death last week.

In a telephone interview with TV station NBC4 which wasn't broadcast, she is quoted as saying: "I want my children. I am stepping up. I have to."

According to the interviewer Chuck Henry, Debbie also pledged to take on the care of the 'Billie Jean' star's youngest son, Prince Michael II, known as Blanket - whose mother is unknown - in order to keep the family together.

Debbie also reportedly said she would undergo testing to prove she is the children's natural mother and may seek a restraining order to keep her former father-in-law Joe Jackson away from the children.

Her lawyer Eric M. George said he believed her reported comments were accurate but stressed she has not made a definite decision on applying for custody.

He said: "Debbie Rowe has not reached a final decision concerning the custody proceedings.

"I have no reason to doubt that what was reported from that conversation was accurately and ethically reported, but that said, it would be a distortion of the truth to allow that single snapshot of a single conversation, to stand as the truth on Debbie's position on this sensitive matter.

"Once again, the truth is that Debbie has not reached a final decision concerning the pending custody proceedings."

Michael's will, which was written in 2002, names his mother Katherine as the children's legal guardian and the Jackson family have pledged to support her in any custody hearings.

A source said: "They will fight."

However, Debbie's former attorney insists a court battle will not be necessary.

Iris Finsilver said: "She is going to be pursuing custody of the children.

"Frankly, she won't have to fight for them. She is the children's biological mother. She loves her children."

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that Michael tried to adopt 'Octomum' Nadya Suleman's eight babies.

The singer called the struggling mother's then-publicist Victor Munoz to enquire after the welfare of the children and offered to take on their care as his youngest son wanted more playmates.

Victor - who no longer works for Nadya and didn't tell her about the singer's call - claims Michael told him: "Blanket would love to have more siblings. I could take care of all the babies, they could live with me and wouldn't need for anything. They would have a bright future."

The publicist - who also received calls from members of Michael's entourage - added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "When Michael called I thought it was a joke at first. I was getting hundreds of calls every day and many from celebrities' agents saying their client wanted to help.

"I was a bit taken aback. He said he could take care of the children if Nadya couldn't. It was creepy. He was basically offering to buy the children. I was a bit shocked."

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