Police 'find methadone' in Jackson's home

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  • 3 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Police 'find methadone' in Jackson's home

Police reportedly found 20 types of drugs in Michael Jackson's Los Angeles mansion, including the heroin substitute methadone

Methadone was reportedly found in Michael Jackson's home.

The heroin substitute and 19 other types of drugs, including potentially lethal painkillers and anaesthetics, were recovered from the pop legend's Los Angeles mansion by police investigating his death last Thursday (25.06.09).

A source said: "The Jackson mansion was more like a drug store than someone's home."

Other drugs found included Fentanyl, a powerful painkiller given to terminal cancer patients and Oxycontin, another painkiller dubbed 'Hillbilly Heroin'.

Some of the medications had Michael's name on the label but many were labelled with other names, while some didn't have any labels.

It is thought Michael used different aliases to obtain his prescriptions including the names of his bodyguards and a doctor's manager.

The 50-year-old star died after a suspected cardiac arrest, amid claims it was caused by an accidental drug overdose.

Police are now said to be searching for those who helped supply Michael with the deadly cocktail of drugs and are considering manslaughter charges as the prescription medicines who reportedly obtained without regard for his safety.

The source added to Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Powerful narcotic painkillers of all kinds were found. There was no reasonable excuse for them all being there. Using more than one of this type of drug can be potentially fatal. But there were 10 in house - it's unbelievable.

"Police want to know whether other people named on the medicine labels really needed the drugs prescribed to them and will be speaking to all doctors involved. The drugs found remain at the very heart of the investigation into the death of Michael Jackson."

At least four doctors, including Michael's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray, are also at the centre of the investigation.

However, according to Murray's legal team he is not considered a suspect and is co-operating with the investigation.

He has denied injecting Michael with the painkiller Demerol before he died or prescribing the father-of-three with either Demerol or OxyContin.

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