Michael Jackson's second autopsy claims

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  • 1 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's second autopsy claims

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson has allegedly been told the second autopsy of the late pop star's body confirmed there was no ''foul play'' in his death

Michael Jackson's second autopsy reportedly confirms there was no "foul play."

The late singer's grieving mother Katherine Jackson was allegedly reeling last night (30.06.09) as she was told the independent autopsy confirmed the findings of the first examination and found "unique and significant marks and injuries" on his body.

The Jackson family had insisted on a second examination of the 50-year-old star's body, following his death from an alleged cardiac arrest on Thursday (25.06.09), after his father Joe Jackson admitted: "I'm suspecting foul play somewhere."

However, family lawyer Brian Oxman says the second results - which were reportedly broken to Katherine at her home by the coroner who conducted the private examination - were allegedly consistent with the original report.

Brian told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "The second autopsy is done and the coroner came to see Katherine.

"Any autopsy report would note a number of unique and significant marks and injuries on the body of Michael Jackson."

Earlier this week, alleged details of Michael's autopsy were leaked to the public, claiming he weighed just 51kg when he died, was riddled with needle marks, had half-digested pills in his stomach, was completely bald and covered in scars from at least 13 cosmetic procedures.

However, there was some doubt about the authenticity of the report and the Los Angeles County Coroner's office claimed the details were "completely untrue".

Speaking about the two autopsies, Brian added: "Firstly the four puncture marks on his chest from the needle. Well I've seen those marks on his chest - I've seen his body - so I know they're there.

"His weight - we know he was incredibly lean. Regarding baldness, Michael does have a distinctive patch on the side of his head. I know that his brother, who is only six years older, has a similar fuzz from losing his hair and has to dye it.

"Regarding the tablets in his stomach - well we know he was taking a lot of prescription drugs. That hasn't been denied."

Meanwhile, Michael's doctor Dr. Conrad Murray has confirmed the 'Thriller' star received an adrenaline shot to the heart by paramedics at the scene of his rented Los Angeles mansion in an attempt to revive him.

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