Michael Jackson set for glass coffin?

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  • 30 June 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson set for glass coffin?

Michael Jackson's body could be displayed in a glass coffin to allow fans from all over the world to say their final goodbyes to the late pop superstar

Michael Jackson's body could be displayed in a glass coffin.

The 50-year-old singer's family are discussing the possibility of placing the late star in a see-through casket to allow his fans to say goodbye following his death last Thursday (25.06.09).

However, the idea has reportedly split his siblings and parents because his mother Katherine and father Joe Jackson are devout Jehovah's witnesses and according to the faith, it is important to bury bodies quickly after death.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "The idea is causing internal stress within the family. The glass casket idea would create so much public interest it would take time to organise. People would make the pilgrimage from the other side of the world. The question that keeps coming back is, 'What would Michael have wanted?' "

Meanwhile, Joe has announced the 'Thriller' singer's funeral will not be held until the results of the second autopsy are released.

He said: "We're searching to see what happened to Michael. I want to see how this autopsy is coming out, the second autopsy. I'm expecting to hear about it real soon."

The music executive has revealed he suspects "foul play" surrounds his son's death.

He said: "Michael was dead before he left the house. I'm suspecting foul play somewhere."

Joe also denied rumours the family plan to bury the singer at his former Neverland Ranch.

He said: "That's not true."

Michael's father also spoke of his regret that the "superstar" is unable to see how much his death has shocked and affected fans around the world.

He explained: "One thing I wish would have happened with Michael is that he could have been here to see all this. Michael was a superstar all over the world. He was loved in every country.

"He tried his hardest to please everybody. He helped the sick, the blind. He was glad to do it. I've seen Michael go and cry about it. He felt sorry for the people he was helping. His legacy will still go on."

Meanwhile, the family are reportedly hoping to hold a global funeral celebration for one billion of Michael's fans.

Dozens of memorial events will be held in cities across the globe at the same time to allow everyone to unite for a universal celebration of his life.

Civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton met with Joe and Katherine at their home in Encino, California yesterday (29.06.09).

They discussed organising the "upbeat" send-off to help Michael's three children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II cope with losing their father.

Rev Sharpton said: "The family are particularly concerned with creating an upbeat view of Jackson for the sake of his children. They are very worried about his children - that they don't grow up with a distorted world view."

A senior Los Angeles Police chief added: "We are preparing for an event of historic proportions. We will be co-operating closely with the family once they have decided where to hold the funeral."

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