Dananananaykroyd (4 stars)


Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, Tue 23 Jun

Playing a somewhat last-minute warm-up show at Sleazy's tonight before they take to nearly every European festival stage over the rest of the summer, Dananananaykroyd are joined by a modest gathering of die-hards in what appears to be a 16th birthday party - complete with balloons that say just that, sweets and dancing competitions. After a self-described 'Rock Intro' the band frantically tear into 'Watch This' and in seconds, singer, Calum Gunn is storming his way through the writhing crowd, as if on some mad victory lap.

From here on in, a damn-near faultless set that plunders the depths of debut album Hey Everyone, is complemented by constant nose-dives into the crowd, with both Gunn and drummer and fellow singer John Baillie Jr both ruthlessly exploring these familiar stomping grounds, even stopping to give every single member of the audience a hug. Though not exactly rammed, most certainly due to the last-minute nature of the gig and it's subsequent promotion, the sing-alongs are still in full swing as songs like 'Some Dresses', 'Pink Sabbath' and closer 'Chrome Rainbow' get everyone sweating.

This is a show so fun and so tight that anyone oblivious to Dananananaykroyd's existence would never have guessed that this is the first gig to showcase their brand new bass player, or that the band are anything but on top form - despite their own jokes about their fitness. In short, this is a rare treat in intimate surroundings from a band truly deserving every bit of the recent barrage of goodwill and praise.

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