Michael Jackson doctor issues denial

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  • 29 June 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson doctor issues denial

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray has denied injecting him with the powerful painkiller Demerol, which is believed to have led to his death

Michael Jackson's doctor has denied administering a painkiller which is believed to have led to his death.

Dr. Conrad Murray - the pop legend's personal cardiologist - says he didn't give the singer an injection of the powerful painkiller Demerol, which reportedly triggered his suspected cardiac arrest last week.

Dr. Murray's lawyer Edward Chernoff insists the physician never prescribed nor administered Demerol - one of the cocktail of prescription drugs reportedly found in the star's body after his death - to Jackson.

Chernoff said: "There was no Demerol. Not ever. He just happened to find him in his bed and he wasn't breathing. Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse."

It is thought 50-year-old Jackson went into cardiac arrest and his heart stopped beating around an hour after being given a shot of Demerol.

It was claimed yesterday (28.06.09) that in an attempt to revive the singer, Dr. Murray later gave him a shot of adrenalin straight into his chest and performed CPR.

Leaked information from the initial autopsy on Jackson reportedly shows he was jabbed in the heart four times, thought to be the attempts to get adrenalin to his heart. He also had several broken ribs from the CPR.

Jackson's family are said to be desperate to speak with Dr. Murray and get his full account of the time he spent with the star and the procedures he took to revive him.

It has further been reported by a family source it took 50 minutes before an ambulance was called for Jackson, while desperate attempts to resuscitate him were made.

Reverend Jesse Jackson said: "There is a concern about what happened the last 12 hours of Michael's life.

"The doctor has showed some bizarre behaviour. Apparently, the doctor was with Michael, maybe administering to his back pain. And then, the next thing that happens is there is a 911 call.

"He hadn't talked with the family. He didn't sign the death certificate. He didn't talk with the coroner. And then he was missing in action."

Dr. Murray reportedly went "missing" soon after Jackson's death. He was questioned by Los Angeles police investigating Jackson's death yesterday, although their investigation is not criminal. Police also made it clear Dr. Murray was questioned as a witness and is not a suspect.

It is believed Jackson was being treated by a number of doctors at the time of his death.

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