Debbie Rowe: Jackson not father of my kids

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  • 29 June 2009
Michael Jackson

Debbie Rowe: Jackson not father of my kids

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe has claimed the late 'Thriller's singer wasn't the biological father of their two children, Prince Michael and Paris

Debbie Rowe has claimed Michael Jackson wasn't the biological father of their two children.

The former nurse - who was married to the 'Thriller' singer from 1996 to 1999 - has alleged Prince Michael, 12, and 11-year-old Paris were conceived through artificial insemination using sperm from an anonymous donor.

Speaking about her relationship with Michael - who died last Thursday (25.06.09) after a suspected cardiac arrest - she told journalist Rebecca White: "Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, 'I will have your babies.'

"I offered him my womb - it was a gift. It was something I did to keep him happy.

"I was just the vessel. It wasn't Michael's sperm. I got paid for it, and I've moved on. I know I will never see my children again.

"I was never a good mother, I never felt any attachment to them. It was a better feeling giving them to him than it was keeping them as my own."

Debbie says Michael split from her soon after the painful birth of Paris, which left her unable to have any more children.

The 50-year-old blonde - who claims she didn't have sex with Michael throughout their relationship - added: "He wanted to pretend that we were a family. But we never lived together as a couple. We never had sex. He was on the road, doing his thing.

"The delivery was so hard. My insides were all torn up and I was barren. When he knew I couldn't have any more babies he didn't want anything to do with me."

Michael got full custody of the children after he reportedly paid Debbie £4.2 million over nine years and gave her a home in Beverly Hills.

Debbie is now set to cash in on her relationship with Michael after reportedly agreeing a deal to write a tell-all book.

As well Prince Michael and Paris, Michael went on to have a third child, seven-year-old Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket, but the identity of his mother remains unknown.


1. DStaine11 Jul 2009, 11:29pm Report

Debbie Rowe should not have Michael's children if she has never been in their lives. If she offered her womb as a gift then you can not take a gift back when the person dies. If she gets the kids back she should give back the money and the home. There should also be a DNA test. Michael said he wants the kids with his mom. What is the meaning of a will? Even if he is not the bio parent he was the parent that took care of them since birth. He is the only parent they know. How many kids are raise by their grandmother? How can they say she is too old? Then Joe he came from a generation where they believed spare the rod spoil the child but now we have ACS. I do not believe he would harm those kids. What do the kids want? Has anyone ask the children what they want.

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