Shia LaBeouf flirts with fan

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  • 26 June 2009
Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf flirts with fan

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' actor Shia LaBeouf thrilled a female fan when he invited her to join him on stage during a TV show yesterday (25.06.09)

Shia LaBeouf flirted with a fan during a TV interview.

The 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' actor was delighted to hear a girl called Samantha was waiting to meet him outside the studio of US talk show 'Today', and seemed even more enamoured when footage of her was beamed onto the screen next to him yesterday (25.06.09).

After watching Samantha give a small interview, Shia said: "I like Samantha a lot. She seems like a real special person. I would love to meet her - is she here?"

The overawed fan then walked into the studio clutching a cup of coffee for her crush.

Calling Samantha a "sweetheart", Shia said: "You look great. Is this your, 'Morning, hi. Say nice things to Shia,' outfit?"

Giggling, Samantha replied: "It is! I've been planning this all week, and I bought this floral skirt especially! I can't believe this."

Meredith then decided to offer Samantha the chance to interview her idol, prompting the embarrassed fan to stutter: "I don't know what to ask…I'm in shock… What kind of girl are you interested in - honestly. Just be honest."

Shia explained: "All kinds. Seriously, being honest with you, I don't have a specific. I don't have a girlfriend. What are you doing the rest of the day? My day is boring."

When Samantha replied she was waiting outside with her pals, Shia screeched: "Four friends?! Let's round up the troops already!"

When Samantha asked Shia for a photo, the 23-year-old actor told her he was going to ask the "exact same thing", then thanked Meredith for the "love connection".

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